My Lip Stuff Natural Lip Balms - 100% VEGAN LIP BALMS

My Lip Stuff Vegan Lip Balm Flavor Choices:

*Inner Beauty: plain and simple, naturally flavored. No added flavors or sweeteners. (AKA Unflavored).
*Sweet as Sugar: natural vanilla extract sweetened with Stevia. (AKA Vanilla with stevia).
*Hot & Spicy: a kick of cinnamon essential oil with a touch of natural vanilla extract to take the bite off. (AKA Cinnamon Vanilla).
*Cool Under Pressure: cool peppermint essential oil with a touch of natural vanilla extract. (AKA Vanilla Mint).
*Clean Cut: a blend of citrus essential oils with a hint of natural sage. Sweetened with Stevia. (AKA Citrus & Sage).
*Get Fresh: a mix of lime essential oil with a twist of verbena. (AKA Lime Verbena).
*A Little S&M: a little Sorbet(natural vanilla extract) & a little Mandarin orange essential oil. Sweetened with Stevia. (AKA Mandarin Orange Sorbet).

We also offer several special edition flavors:

Veggie Lovers (Bell Peppers)
Easter Edition (Lavender Fields)
Valentines Edition (Rosemary Citrus Sorbet)
Holiday Edition (CinnaMint)
Halloween Edition (Vanilla Clove)
St Pattys Edition (Gingerale)

And don't forget!
Many of our Charitabalms are available in our beeswax-free 100% Vegan Formula
and 50% of the purchase price of those balms is dedicated to charity!
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